Monday, 31 December 2012


2012 could only be described as an amazing year for my family and I .....There were of course some tough times, I don't think I would be honest if I pretended there weren't .. however the good has certainly outweighed the bad and I will end 2012 extremely grateful for the beautiful family that I have and start the new year full hope and anticipation for lots more good things and fun times ahead..
For this little blog I hope the keep sharing some inspiration and a little glimpse into my family life ... try much harder to use the spell checker and as my husband always tells me- read the paper, read the paper, read the paper , because what makes sense in my head does not always translate well when I write !
Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy New Year wherever you might be..
 new year chalk print

Simone xx

Friday, 28 December 2012

We wait for it for so long, count down the days , shop till we drop, wrap, cook, eat, celebrate and then the actual day is over in a flash..
This is how my Christmas went..
The annual Christmas eve photo on your Santa sack
We played host to my family and I tried to keep it simple this year, the crackers I made, the cutlery is mismatched vintage, I have finally ( sort of) mastered the Martha Stewart tissue pom pom,hydrangeas in the table centre , a sprig of rosemary on each plate- which amused my husband, are we suppose to smoke it when we have finished our meal he announced ?
My Christmas haul- earrings from my mum , more books to add to the collection..
It was quiet , it was perfect and Conor was totally right when he assured Tadhg that even if you are on the naughty list Santa still comes-he should know because that kid is not looking like coming off that particular list for a very long time and he still unwrapped plenty ..
Lastly a photo of my gorgeous girl for no other reason than its my blog and  I reserve the right to bore you all with random pictures of my offspring!
Simone xx

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Step away from the wrapping paper..

Its been an epic effort for present wrapping this year.. I guess the more kids you have, and your friends and family also have, the more work you have to do..Every time I think I am finished another present is bought or found hiding somewhere.. I do enjoy making my parcels look pretty though...

I have also surprisingly managed get a little Christmas craft on here.. A Santa sack for Lulu..
A bonds top given a little makeover for a friends baby ..

A cute little brown package for another friends new baby- I love this vintage elephant stamp..

That's not even where it ends- I have managed to make some linen napkins, working on some tissue paper poms poms and even some diy Christmas crackers....

Lastly in amongst all that - I squeezed in a night in the city for some festive fun with my boys..

Now time to kick back, relax and enjoy some fun time with my family..

Merry Christmas !!
Simone x

Monday, 17 December 2012

Up way too early

Its 6.30 am Monday morning.. I am certain I should be asleep,but after a 4am feed for Luella I decided to jump online quickly... and well here I still am online, wrapping presents and making mess..
 Also I felt I had to share a post from one of my favourite kids blogs, it is a round up of some of the cutest free printable gift tags.. I downloaded these one below and also felt inspired to make some *spotty kraft paper
you can check out all of the free downloads over here..
I am off to the city today for a bit of Christmas fun with my two boys , and I cant wait - perhaps that's the real reason I am up , I never really grew out of the excitement of a trip to the city !
* Spotty Kraft paper- so easy ... Grab a pencil with the rubber on the end, any colour ink pad you like ( i used white) , some Kraft paper , put the rubber end of the stamp into the ink and start dotting away randomly.. this one above took me a minute..
That's it from me , 6.48am and time is running out - the noisy little mess makers will soon rise and the daily chaos will begin..
Simone xx

Monday, 10 December 2012


Do you Instagram?
I signed up a long time ago, couldn't really figure it out- so put it in the very full 'too hard basket'..
I then realised it is actually a lot of fun.. So as if reading, blog writing, 'pinning' & facebook are not enough and also the fact that I have never met a bandwagon that I didn't want to throw myself at ! I am now a fully fledged instagram addict..
Whats not to love- a lot of my favourite blogs are doing it, talented creative people like, Megan Morton, Rachel Castle, Beci Orpin, Sibella Court, Jason Grant, Jane Frosh just to name a few are all there giving little insights into their daily life and creative endevours..
My user name is vintagehomelife and I love capturing little snippets of my  life,kids,baby,home anything really..
Being a big brother rocks ..
A little sneak peak of Lulus room
My first gift wrapped for 2012
My gorgeous girl- getting so big..
Exciting times- I have managed to get my hydrangea to flower for the second year running !
A little chalkboard art in progress for Lulus room..
a new addition to the coffee table from the red hill market

That's whats been happening around here when I am not chasing around after three kids on the verge of insanity, I can be found checking out instagram- hiding it from my husband who I constantly nag for his twitter addiction!

Have you heard about the new market on in Balnarring this coming weekend? I am excited to go - my mum and I love a good market and this one sounds like its going to be fantastic..check out all the details here  Emu plains market  I may even have to instagram it !

Simone xx