Saturday, 26 October 2013

1 Year..

Hard to believe that our little girl is 1- where has this last year gone?  Probably even before she was born I imagined having a huge 1st birthday filled complete with one of those fancy dessert tables that you see everywhere nowadays, handmade decorations, little vintage jars full of flowers everywhere...( yes I had it all planned in my head)
 And then time went by so quickly and we decided that we just didn't have the time/energy/funds to invest into a big bash.. so there would be no party.. However as it got closer the big day I couldn't let it pass without a celebration and a bit of craft..
So we invited family and a few close friends...a dress was made, as was some mini bunting for the cake and even the little guys on top of the cake managed to get some handmade party hats..
The sun was a shining ( a rare sight around our part of the world lately) as is tradition in our family the party girl party girl picked up a virus and a rash a few days before- every one of our kids has managed to get sick the week before their first birthday... We carried on and had a beautiful afternoon without the fancy buffet and it was perfect..

A birthday breakfast of champions

A little pre party crafting..

A little bit of pink on the birthday buffet..

Lulus & her little posse get their party on..

Some lemon sorbet cups made in my new fancy schmancy thermomix..

Rocking the dress..

I got a Lulu added a new Maileg doll to her collection..

 And that was it...

 Our little Lulu has brought so much to our family.. she is funny, determined, feisty, beautiful and so much more.. Happy 1st birthday beautiful girl.




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