Thursday, 30 August 2012


Finally after 3 nearly 4 years a finished room, that I can say I love and am happy with. It's my two boys room which they share- which in hindsight wasn't a great idea when at 9 pm I have told them to stop talking and get to sleep for the 10th time...

The pictures hung above the bed from zeta florence were the final piece in the puzzle, I haven't told Robbie yet - but I think they are too far apart and might have to wait till he is feeling generous to have him help me move them again..

So in case anyone is interested

The beds were custom made King single- great for when we need to share with them if they are sick etc. The same furniture maker made the chest of drawers- the little baskets are handy to hide clutter.

The little yellow table in the middle was a bargain for $10 at the Vintage Shed and the only thing small of enough to fit.

The little bench is a Vintage girl find- we had two I nabbed one and painted it. The coat rack above is Ikea I painted it blue.

The Babar print is from the Vintage Shed and the globe money box, batons etc I have collected along the way - the perk of being a Vintage Girl

The quilt you can see close up I made a few years for my eldest son, I have another one the same in the works for the littlest boy- it is coming along very slowly!

One last thing is a little red Sebel chair which clothes are normally piled up on- I grabbed the opportunity today while it was tidy to take some photos, it doesn't stay like that for long..

I love decorating kids rooms, its all a bit of fun.. My husband constantly winds me up about buying a spiderman doona and matching curtains, not that I have a problem with spiderman merchandise- but it ain't going to happen..

Its still wet,cold and windy down here and I am off to the Vintage Shed for the day tomorrow my second last week before I head off to put my feet and wait for the calm before the storm that is a newborn..

Simone xx

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


GLASS.. Demijohns, masons, fowlers, domes, milk , clag ,big/small it doesn't really matter

So when I came across these today my heart skipped a beat !

My favourite is the one above with the metal lid, the photos don't do it justice, it is huge-  going to be hard to part with it..

Apart from that I came across another champagne bucket- a sign really that I must keep one surely ?

I have always had a particular thing for clag jars- you know the ones many years they would have been filled with glue and used in schools. So when I passed this one last Friday at the Vintage Shed, there was no way I was going home without it .. it still has the lid and little brush, how could I not..

Apart from that I have been pottering around, de- cluttering here and there , wanting everything to be just perfect before we welcome our new little bub , Nesting ??? 

Lastly our Billy bookcase project is coming along nicely, all built waiting for the moulding etc and to finish them off..

I am off now to bake cupcakes now for my sons daycare superhero party..

Simone x

Thursday, 23 August 2012


I am slowly making my way through my to do list for the house.. slowly being the key word !

On my travels the other day I dropped into Ikea, some love it some hate it... I personally find it fantastic for frames , basic stuff who can argue with the prices there $2.99 for a frame..

First up I picked up some frames for these Zeta Florence print for the boys room..

I didn't really need one of these $2 bags but I am sucker for a geometric print and couldn't walk past...

My main reason for heading there was to pick up some Billy bookcase's for our front room that I am trying to get finished ( after sitting empty for 3 years) In an ideal world I would love to have custom made book cases for this wall, but as we all know its not an ideal world - well not when it comes to the $3000ish dollars I would have to come up with to do this.. So my very unwilling husband lugged 6 Billy bookcase into the car. I was going to just put them up and attach to the wall and then after a little pintrest and blog reading last night my plans have changed to this..

I found this ikea hack on this blog here, and now plan to enlist the help of a carpenter to add moulding at the top and bottom and at the joins- I think it looks amazing and for about a third of the price..

My last bargain find is from Target- I have always fancied a little bit of coral for under a dome, bookcase etc.. But priced at $100 + it just never happened, this little faux version below is $25.00 and will be heading to my home very soon..

So instead of getting smaller my to do list just got bigger, find carpenter, hang the prints, I also got a few other frames that I intend to have a go at some artwork for baby's room and our hallway.

I am off for my usual Friday stint at the Vintage Shed tomorrow- I have collected a few more little things for the stall, back tomorrow with a preview..

Simone xx

Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I had a busy day yesterday,I was lucky enough to have a day to myself as my Mum minded Tadhg for me and Conor was at school.. I had big plans and heaps of places to go- I didn't achieve half of them , I did however make it to see the fabulous Dallas at 'Indeed' in Glen Iris.. Always a treat to pop in there for a little look and a gossip. If you haven't visited it should definitely be on your to do list, her little shop is jam packed with a mixture of Vintage and new homewares..

Stoneware, Hydrangeas, glassware- quirky one off pieces, it really is heaven..

After this I headed to see my old hairdresser Louise at Masci hair in Malvern for a new do , I came home like a new woman!! And I looked at the chaos in the house after a weekend of work and birthday celebrations and came back down to earth, never mind it was good while it lasted!!

Today I put the house back together it's only 8.30 but I am ready for bed...

Bye for now, Simone xx

P.S check out Dallas's facebook page here!/pages/Indeed-Giftwear/287284667949923

Friday, 17 August 2012


Another lovely day at the Vintage Shed..

Big day for us tomorrow, our little Tadhgy turns 4.. its non- stop parties.

Have a great weekend, Simone xx

Thursday, 16 August 2012


It's been a long pretty horrible couple of weeks and my body feels like it might break at any  moment.. I am so grateful to be having a third baby- but it is hard work.. I just walk around all day in a daze saying ' how do women do this 6,7 8 and even more times' and I really don't know- they deserve a medal that is for sure..

Anyway I decided to cheer myself up with a bit of online window shopping..




I don't think its too much? No ? If Robbie was reading and I was being really greedy I would ask him to throw in a bunch of these.....

Back to the Vintage Shed tomorrow for and they are saying its going to be a horror day weather ways, I had better set the alarm early to add a few more layers - although I am not sure I will make it out the door..

Simone xx

Promise promise I will credit all the sources for these images tomorrow when my brain is not so fuzzy........

Tuesday, 14 August 2012


Chalkboards are something you see popping up in a lot of homes these days and nothing new... But I had been thinking for quite a while about doing one just opposite the kitchen, I made a pin board for there out of an old frame a few years ago and it is good but I find it gets a bit messy and it such a huge wall that it gets lost a little..

So I discussed it with my husband and told me -no way, he didn't think it was a good idea blah blah blah. So I took another couple of weeks to think about and take his thoughts into consideration and then did what typically happens when he opposes a decision about the house - I waited till he was away for the day at the races and went ahead and did it anyway..

My biggest concern was taping out the area- I cannot draw a straight line to save myself, but I got the spirit level out and I was surprised how well it went ! Then it was three coats of magnetic primer and the following day a coat of chalk board paint... I am really happy with how it turned out and I think I will draw little boxes and a calender each month to try and whip this family into some sort of organisation..

Sorry about the fuzzy pin board photo- it is now on the floor waiting for a new home so I couldn't take it again..

The only complaint I would have is the magnetic hold is not particularly good- I am going to have to go on the hunt for some groovy magnets and I recently came across these chalkboard pencils on etsy which I think I will order..

Chalk Pencil. Extra for Peg and Awl chalk tablets and chalk pads

Once again we are housebound again with my littlest boy sick again this time with a nasty ear infection - bring on some warm weather, its so hard to see him sick and miserable all the time..

Bye for now ,

Simone xx

Monday, 13 August 2012

A little Nosey around

I did a little D.I.Y with some magnetic and chalk paint at the weekend and had planned to share some photos of my cleverness- however I had a little incident with a bottle of water and my i-phone so there were no pictures from me today..

So I thought I would share a house that I came across during some blog reading I did on the weekend- I can't resist a little nosey around other peoples homes.. Especially when it belongs to one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon and recently featured in Elle decor.. To me it ticks all the boxes for a country retreat and right now I would happily spend a few lazy days there.. Reese are you reading ??

My i-phone is resting in a bowl of rice ?? Apparently it absorbs all the water... hopefully it will do the trick and will be back with some shots tomorrow..

One last big shout out to my Husband who trained not 1 but 2 winners on the weekend- he and his little team are doing us all proud..

Simone xx