Saturday, 27 October 2012


Way back when I first started working at the Vintage Shed, Bec my Vintage Girl partner had a piece of art that I always admired but at around $800 it was out of my price range..I had always wanted to to do my own version and finally after three years managed to get it done and I would say it took around 2 hours and the only real cost I had was the frame- around $50 from Ikea.. I couldn't be more happy with the result ..
here is the original inspiration
this is my version..
this is how I did it..
(please excuse the bad photography! )
I really enjoyed the whole process- taking my time, mixing and choosing the colours( I used watercolours).. I plan to group it together in our hallway with a few other smaller prints- hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to do that !
I hope you are enjoying the weekend- I am resting up ..I got a little carried away in the last week forgetting that it was only three weeks ago that I had an operation and am feeling a little bit sore and sorry for myself as a consequence.. Luckily its cold outside , the perfect reason to turn the heating up and get cosy..
Simone xx

Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Last week was a bit of a tough one in our house, we had gastro and poor little Luella got her first cold at the age of 2 weeks old, snuffled and sneezing her way through the week.. So on Sunday took a well needed day away from home, lunch with friends and a few hours at the park had us all feeling much better..
I also managed a walk to the Vintage Shed for a quick wander- its only a little while since i went on leave but I miss that place already... I picked up the pretty little vintage photo frame above the rose a friend gave me fresh from her garden ..and the pretty little vase i picked up at an op shop a while ago..
The sun is shining , so I am going to entice my son way from the Ipad and get outside and enjoy it while it lasts ..
Simone xx

Thursday, 18 October 2012


Do you remember the t.v show 'Queer Eye For The Straight Guy' ? I recently came across some images of Thom Filicia's( the interior designer on the queer eye team) in Upstate N.Y and fell in love.. Who wouldn't want to spend a few days here..

fire pit

I think it is Divine- I could imagine spending beautiful summer days here or cozying up inside during a rainy winters day.. ..

You can check out the full house tour over at House Beautiful..

Simone xx

Monday, 15 October 2012

Mini Fashion..

We are settling into life as a family of 5 really well and our gorgeous Lulu sleeps the day and night away in between feeding..
There is no driving for me at the moment and the physio at the hospital has told me no housework- and who am I to argue with her ?
So I have found myself doing a little Internet shopping.. Now I am high street girl- cotton on, country road, witchery I love them all , especially to deck out my boys.. But when you are looking for something unique I don't think you can go past Etsy.. I was so excited when I came across this shop to find that they were Melbourne based.. I think my girl would totally rock these cool leggings and the cardi ..
Hand Screen Printed Unisex Baby Footless Legging in Organic Cotton - Navy Animals on White
Adorable Hand Knitted Unisex Baby Cardigan in Australian Wool & Silk - Natural
They are called Fable Baby and Nursery and you can check out their etsy store here.. I also noticed on their facebook page that they are going to be at Finders Keepers market in the city on the weekend and I have never been to this market and I am in the midst of hatching a plan to go there on Saturday..
Another Etsy find- every girl needs a few pairs of flats in their wardrobe and I think Lulu would totally rock these..
Eco Friendly Pink leather moccasins
These come all the way from the states and may just find their way into my shopping cart very soon.. check them out here
Now steering away from all things girly and another love of mine Vintage- if like me you like to add some quirky one off Vintage treasure to your house then check my friend Becs new Etsy store loaded with some great stuff.. check it out here..
One more little shout out to my sewing extraordinaire friend Jacinta who has a new blog to document her creative endeavours.. check it out here
Simone xx

Saturday, 13 October 2012


So it seems that- new baby+night feeds+ ipad=  a lot of blog reading and 'pinning' .. So many ideas and so little time !
I did however manage to find a little time yesterday and decided to have a little experiment with chalkboard lettering , I found a post on this on My sweet Savanah a blog that has some really good tutorials..
So the first thing to do is find an inspiring quote, saying , or even make one up yourself.. I didn't look too hard as I just wanted to experiment and test that this method works before i went all out on enlarging and spending hours on it..
This is the one I chose..

Then as per the instructions on my sweet savannah blog I turned it to the wrong side and rubbed/scribbled with chalk all over the area that has the quote on it- no need to be to particular..

After this you need to turn it the right way and tape it in place on your chalkboard exactly where you want the quote to end up..

 The take a ball point pen and trace over the lettering with  really firm pressure..

Once you are all done, take away your piece of paper and you will be left with you lettering outline that you just need to re trace over and fill in any gaps if the font is thick , as easy as that !

Now just so you know I did mine in about 10 minutes and it was just an experiment- my plan is to find a quote that I really like and then do it on a fairly large scale and obviously take my time.. I have to say I was pretty chuffed with the way my rush job turned out though!

 If you are keen to give it a try then I would recommend having a look over here where I found the tutorial...

Now to find the time for the 100 other projects I have earmarked in a middle of the night baby feeding/ blog trawling session

Simone xx

Wednesday, 10 October 2012


She is here ! Our gorgeous Luella 'Lulu' Ashling , finally made her way into the world last Thursday... It feels like we waited forever for her and now that she is here we can't imagine life without her and our family is complete..
And I am cherishing every little moment.........
Simone xx

Tuesday, 2 October 2012


My two boys have gone for a little holiday to my parents house for a few days.. I miss them of course but the peace and quiet is so nice, I may just be enjoying it a little too much!
So on the weekend we finally got our bookcases attached to the wall and the mouldings put on, I am so happy with the result.. When I say we- I really should say that a cabinetmaker did it for us- my husband , bless him good at a lot of things DIY not one of them..
I nearly gave up on them at one point, while trying to track down crown moulding for the top ( I assumed you could get it at Bunnings ) I came across so many unwilling to help me a**holes- just downright rude and not interested. Anyway eventually I found a great cabinet maker locally who also solved my crown moulding problem-skirting board instead..
Anyway I still have lots of gaps to fill in the shelf- we have gone from having nowhere to display things to me going around the house stealing from other spots..
This is the first room you come to when you walk into our house and for 3 years there has been a train table and drying racks full of clothes- this makes a nice change.. All I have to do is find the perfect rug and its done... and keep an eye my husband, he is scheming to put up a flat screen up in there..
I am off to enjoy the peace while it lasts.. the two little whirlwinds arrive back home tomorrow !
Simone xx