Sunday, 13 January 2013

Time out

I had so much fun last week taking part in the 7 Vignettes challenge on instagram.. for me it was so nice to be amongst some creative and seriously talented people who share the same passion and excitement that I have for interiors,vintage, making things look pretty,decorating... Did you ever go on school camp and when you come home it takes a couple of days to used to not having your friends and fun things happening around you 24/7 ? Well that is how it felt on Friday- I had been on camp and my last Vignette meant I had to go home! So many people took the time to hit the like button or leave a comment including Jen & Kara I am pretty sure they liked or commented on each and every Vignette and there were 2000 +.. It not only fuelled my instagram obsession but my passion for making things look pretty...  I am looking forward to the next one already..
I am off for a little time out with my family, so I am going to leave you with two new blog discoveries I have made this week
weekday carnival
Weekday carnival has some seriously amazing  photography, styling everything about this blog cool- I have been through the first few pages, I am looking forwarding to the rest.
The other is a great Australian blog that I cant believe I have only just discovered- again beautiful photography, great ideas and some really great free printables.. its called Eat Drink Chic
Enjoy !
Simone x

Monday, 7 January 2013


It was love at first sight when I came across  The Animal Print Shop just before Christmas..I was also in the midst maxing out the credit card of my christmas shopping and during the festive season it feels OK to just keep spending... its like the once ball is rolling the minute after the first present is purchased and everything I see & like is coming home with me and it only stops once the credit card bill arrives christmas is over ?
Anyway back the the animal print shop- their website is beautifully done and the prints are just so cute, and as I was in the midst of that shopping spree i just couldn't leave the site without ordering the baby zebra photo- it arrived a couple of days ago and  love it..
my baby Zebra print ,I am going to have it framed and put it in Luella's room
The animal print shop..
I am also having lots of fun with my own photography for the #7Vignettes instagram challenge..
Today's theme 'fun' and above is what
i came up with- to check all the other vignettes you can click here or log into your instagram account and search #7vignettes..
I am off now to find what I can use for tomorrows photo..
Simone x

Saturday, 5 January 2013


I am taking part in a fun little instagram competition, its is being run by Jen Bishop of the hugely popular "Interiors Addict" blog- you should definitely go and check it out if you haven't already.
It runs for 7 days and each day you must post and a pic on instagram of a vignette that you have created based on your own interpretation of the theme for that day it was nature
Even if you would rather not participate it is great fun to head over to instagram ( or followgram if you don't have the app on your phone ) and search #7Vignettes to see all of the very clever and creative people who have joined in..
I had my first day back working at the Vintage Shed on Friday and it must  have been meant to be- on one of my travels through the shed I found the main focal point of my  first Vignette- butterfly specimens in framed glass- for $12 - yes that's right $12.. perfect for Nature
The competition is being judged by the fabulous stylist Kara Roselund -who works as a props stylist, buyer and also travels around in her gorgeous 1956 caravan selling her Vintage Wears...
So stay tuned I will post some more hopefully as the week goes on..
Simone xx