Sunday, 13 January 2013

Time out

I had so much fun last week taking part in the 7 Vignettes challenge on instagram.. for me it was so nice to be amongst some creative and seriously talented people who share the same passion and excitement that I have for interiors,vintage, making things look pretty,decorating... Did you ever go on school camp and when you come home it takes a couple of days to used to not having your friends and fun things happening around you 24/7 ? Well that is how it felt on Friday- I had been on camp and my last Vignette meant I had to go home! So many people took the time to hit the like button or leave a comment including Jen & Kara I am pretty sure they liked or commented on each and every Vignette and there were 2000 +.. It not only fuelled my instagram obsession but my passion for making things look pretty...  I am looking forward to the next one already..
I am off for a little time out with my family, so I am going to leave you with two new blog discoveries I have made this week
weekday carnival
Weekday carnival has some seriously amazing  photography, styling everything about this blog cool- I have been through the first few pages, I am looking forwarding to the rest.
The other is a great Australian blog that I cant believe I have only just discovered- again beautiful photography, great ideas and some really great free printables.. its called Eat Drink Chic
Enjoy !
Simone x

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