Thursday, 28 March 2013


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Oh dear its been a while... again..
But not without good reason, there is lots going on in my little world..
We have put our house on the market and all being well very shortly we will be living and working all in the same space... I am a little hesitant to discuss the details of our new home, until the keys are in our hands and our name is on the rather large mortgage papers it won't seem real.. What I can tell you is that it will be a brilliant place for our kids to grow up with so much space to roam ( 16 acres of space) a place for my husband to grow his business and I believe somewhere we may never leave.. exciting times !
So we have been busy doing all the boring things you must do to sell your house.. de-clutter, clean shove everything in the garage
Apart from that I have been doing my usual Friday's at the Vintage Shed picking up a few treasures along the way..
   I have wanted a little clutch for a while now and this little vintage one fit the bill perfectly and for $12 it was a steal ..
The brush above was one of those buys that I couldn't find a reason to buy it but neither could I find one not too so of course I bought it ($6 I think) I got the 'wild one' print from Lulu Lucky who I discovered on instagram you can check out her website here
Apart from all of the above happenings my 3 beautiful kids have been keeping me busy ..
Both my boys did a trapeze class, they both made me so proud and I think everybody myself included where astounded at the bravery of  Tadhg who at only 4 dangled happily while I clapped and screamed and even teared up a little ...
We put on our best green and stepped out in style to celebrate St Patricks day -although Conor kept it real with a good old Aussie meat pie..
Our Little Lulu's cuteness knows no boundaries - she just keeps on getting bigger and cuter by the day and we couldn't love her anymore if we tried.. Just last night she sat on my lap and giggled for the first time at my silliness .. And today as much as I tried to replicate that silliness for some more giggles a very large grin was all I got..
So that's it really, its the eve of good Friday- we are hoping the bunny will come on Sunday and  no doubt way too much chocolate will consumed by all of us as per usual..
Hopefully I will back very soon with some more details of our new home..
Happy Easter
Simone x

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Interior Inspiration..

I came across the images of this home a long while ago and filed them away for future inspiration.. They are from the home of Estee Stanley who upon further nosing around on the web it seems is a fabulous interior designer to the stars and co collaborator with Justin Timberlake..
 And no not on one of his latest tunes - apparently when JT is not making beautiful music he likes to dabble in a little bit of interior design and co designed a range of home wares with Estee for an American website called Home Mint ( one of those members only kind of ones)
Anyway back to this beautiful home I think it is right in so many ways- beautiful but not too polished or perfect; well lived in with layers of muted colours in the cushions, rugs, curtains.. the Gilt mirror over the fireplace I am in love with.. Gilt especially in frames and mirrors is my new obsession..

And this little nook below- perfect.. I am desperate to one day have a little nook in my home
Images from here & here

For more images and a bit more about Estee Stanley you can go over here to the Remodelista Blog..

Simone xx




Monday, 4 March 2013


Do you impulse shop ? Those who know me well can vouch for the fact that I buy now and think about it later.. That is how this little chippy mini glasshouse came to be residing here in our house..
Its not that I dont like it- just that in hindsight it is a little bit on the shabby chic side of things for me...For now its a keeper, it may very well fit into our possible new home which is on the shabby end of the scale but not so chic (yet.)
We have  had a busy 10 days with  my brother in-law from visiting from Ireland.. the highlights have been-
 A local music festival that we took all the troops along too (its probably more of a concert but 'festival sounds like we are wayyyy cooler than we really are)
Picnics in the park with cricket, boche and beer...
A trip to the city which involved the aquarium, games arcade, bowling and fast food
A very proud day for Robbie training a winner with his brother there to witness it..
We are going to miss having Uncle Pete here who is flying home as I type..
This week will be busy with the not so fun but neccessary things that need to get done like cooking, cleaning and a little de-clutter perhaps- not sure yet if the impulse glass house will make the cut..
Simone xx