Thursday, 7 March 2013

Interior Inspiration..

I came across the images of this home a long while ago and filed them away for future inspiration.. They are from the home of Estee Stanley who upon further nosing around on the web it seems is a fabulous interior designer to the stars and co collaborator with Justin Timberlake..
 And no not on one of his latest tunes - apparently when JT is not making beautiful music he likes to dabble in a little bit of interior design and co designed a range of home wares with Estee for an American website called Home Mint ( one of those members only kind of ones)
Anyway back to this beautiful home I think it is right in so many ways- beautiful but not too polished or perfect; well lived in with layers of muted colours in the cushions, rugs, curtains.. the Gilt mirror over the fireplace I am in love with.. Gilt especially in frames and mirrors is my new obsession..

And this little nook below- perfect.. I am desperate to one day have a little nook in my home
Images from here & here

For more images and a bit more about Estee Stanley you can go over here to the Remodelista Blog..

Simone xx




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