Saturday, 27 October 2012


Way back when I first started working at the Vintage Shed, Bec my Vintage Girl partner had a piece of art that I always admired but at around $800 it was out of my price range..I had always wanted to to do my own version and finally after three years managed to get it done and I would say it took around 2 hours and the only real cost I had was the frame- around $50 from Ikea.. I couldn't be more happy with the result ..
here is the original inspiration
this is my version..
this is how I did it..
(please excuse the bad photography! )
I really enjoyed the whole process- taking my time, mixing and choosing the colours( I used watercolours).. I plan to group it together in our hallway with a few other smaller prints- hopefully it won't take me another 3 years to do that !
I hope you are enjoying the weekend- I am resting up ..I got a little carried away in the last week forgetting that it was only three weeks ago that I had an operation and am feeling a little bit sore and sorry for myself as a consequence.. Luckily its cold outside , the perfect reason to turn the heating up and get cosy..
Simone xx


  1. I LOVE it Simone! Thinking I may have to make a Squiggly version! xx

  2. Yes i love it too!! so simple to do when someone shows you how. I do love that chevron cushion too.... hehe .
    And please rest up girl ! plenty of time to get crafty .... xoxoxoxo

    1. Thanks Jacinta !! Doing plenty of resting now - the mess in this house is proof of it !!