Tuesday, 23 October 2012


Last week was a bit of a tough one in our house, we had gastro and poor little Luella got her first cold at the age of 2 weeks old, snuffled and sneezing her way through the week.. So on Sunday took a well needed day away from home, lunch with friends and a few hours at the park had us all feeling much better..
I also managed a walk to the Vintage Shed for a quick wander- its only a little while since i went on leave but I miss that place already... I picked up the pretty little vintage photo frame above the rose a friend gave me fresh from her garden ..and the pretty little vase i picked up at an op shop a while ago..
The sun is shining , so I am going to entice my son way from the Ipad and get outside and enjoy it while it lasts ..
Simone xx


  1. Wow- I can really see Tadgh in Luella (and you) Looking forward to seeing you all Friday. Keep up the blogging- It's a great distaction from endless listing on Etsy xx

  2. She's darling.... been thinking of you and will try drop in soon.... just a bit hard as you know! Hope you're all feeling better xoxo