Saturday, 13 October 2012


So it seems that- new baby+night feeds+ ipad=  a lot of blog reading and 'pinning' .. So many ideas and so little time !
I did however manage to find a little time yesterday and decided to have a little experiment with chalkboard lettering , I found a post on this on My sweet Savanah a blog that has some really good tutorials..
So the first thing to do is find an inspiring quote, saying , or even make one up yourself.. I didn't look too hard as I just wanted to experiment and test that this method works before i went all out on enlarging and spending hours on it..
This is the one I chose..

Then as per the instructions on my sweet savannah blog I turned it to the wrong side and rubbed/scribbled with chalk all over the area that has the quote on it- no need to be to particular..

After this you need to turn it the right way and tape it in place on your chalkboard exactly where you want the quote to end up..

 The take a ball point pen and trace over the lettering with  really firm pressure..

Once you are all done, take away your piece of paper and you will be left with you lettering outline that you just need to re trace over and fill in any gaps if the font is thick , as easy as that !

Now just so you know I did mine in about 10 minutes and it was just an experiment- my plan is to find a quote that I really like and then do it on a fairly large scale and obviously take my time.. I have to say I was pretty chuffed with the way my rush job turned out though!

 If you are keen to give it a try then I would recommend having a look over here where I found the tutorial...

Now to find the time for the 100 other projects I have earmarked in a middle of the night baby feeding/ blog trawling session

Simone xx

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