Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Not long now till we pull out the Christmas tree for another year,.. the kids and I decorate it.. I wait till they go to bed and re-decorate it ! I am sure it comes as no surprise that I love a little festive decorating, even a little bit of crafting and don't even get me started on the table and food set up- I drove everybody mad last year, they wanted to eat and I was trying to photograph my beautiful table !
This was how it went in 2011...
handmade garlands, brown paper wrapping, fresh flowers & herbs from my mums garden, lots of red and white, an overdose of fairy lights, yummy food and wine... that's what its all about at our house..
Let the fun begin for another year..
Simone xx

Monday, 26 November 2012

No time for words..

A while back I blogged about being the happiest I have ever been, and this is still true, but I forgot to add that I have also never been so tired in my life ! 8 weeks of very little sleep, a few sick days here and there,   have finally caught up with me.. some days I still manage to clean, cook ,wash,play , do all the things that good mums do but there have been a lot of days I have done none of the above , fed my kids 2 minute noodles, let them play their Wii /watch tv /do whatever the hell they want for more hours than I am willing to admit to... so lately I blog sometimes in my head about the things I want to share here, but there really is just no time to get the words onto to this little blog..
So today lots of photos from some happenings of late, a trip to the races which included a ferry ride, lots of silly business from two very busy boys, a trip to market for Lulu and I ..
Harriet the class mascot home for the weekend
Lulu and I taking it all in on the big boat..
hitting the high seas..
monkey business at the races..
vintage treasures, some art by Sally and peonies- perfect
 more vintage girl treasure..
the idyllic surrounds of the studio..
the best of friends already..
a very busy day..
 Christmas at the studio as always was fantastic, more photos to come of some of my favourite stalls and a little peek at a few of my purchases..
Have a great week..
Simone xx

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


It was a busy weekend in our house..
On Friday my husband and I celebrated 10 years of marriage- he at the races for work and me at the school fete..and by the way who know that the school fete would rock? 

Happy Anniversary to me .. I picked up these gorgeous peonies, and these no idea what they are called sweet little flowers below..

One clever Mum at the school had whipped up these gorgous flower pom poms made from Vintage pattern paper.. Now in Luella's room

On Sunday my Mum and I headed to the local craft market and the boys and Lulu came along.. boys + craft market= big mistake, they cost me a bomb in food.. pies , ice cream, cupcakes and then demanded to be taken home..New rule , no boys to the craft market
 Spent lots of time with my Gorgeous girl- no explanation needed

Caught these two mid waterfight, told them off and then ran to grab the camera..
Got everyone to bed early last night and got out my pen and paper to plan out our meals for the week, determined to start this week off organised and get some things done.. great idea in theory , but the world had other plans for me-
Lulu for the first time decided after her 3am feed that she really didn't feel like going back to sleep ,
5 am and still up I was then greeted by Conor making a dash for the bathroom ( I won't go into to detail)
 Finally got Lulu to sleep, was then greeted by Tadhg who did something very similar to Conor..
Lulu woke up again and  I fed her pretty much in my sleep, called Robbie told him I cant cope ..
Put Lulu back to bed and told the boys- no school, Mummy needs to rest and headed off leaving a 7 year old in charge ( mum of the year I know)
And bless them, they showed great initiative for breakfast it appears Tadhg swigged a bottle of flat coke , Conor skipped breakfast and instead decided to hook up his Wii to the 'big' tv and knocked over pretty much everything else in the playroom while relocating his equipment..
Stay with me, it gets better.. I decided to embrace the chaos- forget about the mess that was rapidly growing around me- even managed a stroll to pick up a copy of the latest real living and pinch flowers from someones garden along the way..
 I then noticed Conor itching took a look at his face was blowing up before my eyes, while he told me his lips where tingling and it was a little hard to swallow..First let me tell if you ever have a crisis- I am not the person you want right next to you that is for sure.. I hit panic stations ran screaming to my lovely neighbour to mind Lulu who was as per usual asleep, left a bewildered Tadhg in the driveway shouting Mummys in a hurry go find Helyn, sped off to the local doctor , ran into to a packed waiting room with a barefoot and flannette pj dressed Conor...
In my overactive mind there were adrenalin shots, sirens, how was I going to feed Lulu from hospital, in actual fact we saw a lovely doctor who sent us home to get a bottle of phenegran and a refferal to see an allergy specialist..
 It seems we have discovered that Conor has a nut allergy? Thats what you get for trying to make a healthy snack for your kids full of fibre and protein never again, Tiny teddys from here on in!
Phew, now I must sleep and try and forget that today ever happened ..
Simone xx
note- I wrote this yesterday but forgot to publish? Happy to report today is going a lot better !

Thursday, 8 November 2012


Photo: here 'tis!
Last year I was lucky enough to be a stallholder at the once a year 'christmas at the studio' market. We had the most fantastic two days , even taking into account that we nearly got washed away on the Saturday- and I mean literally washed away! All stallholders are hand selected by Leisa and Flick - with a great mixture of handmade gifts,children's clothing,home wares, artwork, Christmas decorations and much much more.. and of course the studio is open for you to check out all of the fabulous work that goes on in this little slice of paradise. My biggest problem last year was not spending any of my hard earned profits at all the other stalls!
I will be there again with Bec this year selling a selection of Vintage and handmade home wares, if you haven't been before then you should really check it out..
Here is a few snapshots from last year..

Hope to see you there !

Simone xx

Friday, 2 November 2012


Yesterday marked one month since little Miss Luella came into our world...life has been busy, there hasn't been much sleep, there has been a little grumpiness from most family members due to change and tiredness.. but I can honestly say that I have never been happier..she sleeps, she eats and today she made my heart melt when she smiled at me for the first time..
 I have lots of little projects going on that I am looking forward to sharing here.. but at the moment there just aren't enough hours in the day..
I can however share a few new additions to the house with you..
All the way from Uzbekistan are these Ikat cushions.. they came beautifully wrapped in brown paper complete with string and a wax seal..
These horse heads did not travel from Uzbekistan, just my local target $6 for the pair !!
This wire basket caught my eye on Megs stall at the Vintage Shed, I like the way it looks on my little coffee table display- I am always guaranteed to find something fabulous from Meg, who just happens to be sporting a lovely Bali tan and brand new shiny rock on her left hand!! Congratulations Meg xx
A lovely bit of Coral I practically stole from under Becs nose and a gorgeous vintage frame !
So as you can see I have certainly gotten my shopping groove back on !! And I haven't even shown you the latest additions to my wardrobe, that might be next week!
Its a long weekend here, I am heading off to the Red hill market for a nosey tomorrow, looking forward to watching the cup on Tuesday and celebrating our biggest boy Conors 7th birthday..I hope you have a fabulous weekend wherever you may be..
Simone xx