Tuesday, 27 November 2012


Not long now till we pull out the Christmas tree for another year,.. the kids and I decorate it.. I wait till they go to bed and re-decorate it ! I am sure it comes as no surprise that I love a little festive decorating, even a little bit of crafting and don't even get me started on the table and food set up- I drove everybody mad last year, they wanted to eat and I was trying to photograph my beautiful table !
This was how it went in 2011...
handmade garlands, brown paper wrapping, fresh flowers & herbs from my mums garden, lots of red and white, an overdose of fairy lights, yummy food and wine... that's what its all about at our house..
Let the fun begin for another year..
Simone xx


  1. I have been banished from brown wrap by my Master S... today a trip to IKEA sported some gorgeous red and white stripe paper and gingham grey ribbon... thought of you with the love of grey! xx Lovely to see you and your gorgeous girl on the weekend!

  2. Red and white stripes sounds great !! I am heading to Ikea this week and that grey gingham sounds like heaven ! See you at emu plains on the weekend, looking forward to a new market x