Monday, 26 November 2012

No time for words..

A while back I blogged about being the happiest I have ever been, and this is still true, but I forgot to add that I have also never been so tired in my life ! 8 weeks of very little sleep, a few sick days here and there,   have finally caught up with me.. some days I still manage to clean, cook ,wash,play , do all the things that good mums do but there have been a lot of days I have done none of the above , fed my kids 2 minute noodles, let them play their Wii /watch tv /do whatever the hell they want for more hours than I am willing to admit to... so lately I blog sometimes in my head about the things I want to share here, but there really is just no time to get the words onto to this little blog..
So today lots of photos from some happenings of late, a trip to the races which included a ferry ride, lots of silly business from two very busy boys, a trip to market for Lulu and I ..
Harriet the class mascot home for the weekend
Lulu and I taking it all in on the big boat..
hitting the high seas..
monkey business at the races..
vintage treasures, some art by Sally and peonies- perfect
 more vintage girl treasure..
the idyllic surrounds of the studio..
the best of friends already..
a very busy day..
 Christmas at the studio as always was fantastic, more photos to come of some of my favourite stalls and a little peek at a few of my purchases..
Have a great week..
Simone xx

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  1. I'll be leaving a lasagna at your door tomorrow morning so look out for that! Thanks for dropping stuff off the other day - I still have no call credit so didn't reply ... xo