Thursday, 30 August 2012


Finally after 3 nearly 4 years a finished room, that I can say I love and am happy with. It's my two boys room which they share- which in hindsight wasn't a great idea when at 9 pm I have told them to stop talking and get to sleep for the 10th time...

The pictures hung above the bed from zeta florence were the final piece in the puzzle, I haven't told Robbie yet - but I think they are too far apart and might have to wait till he is feeling generous to have him help me move them again..

So in case anyone is interested

The beds were custom made King single- great for when we need to share with them if they are sick etc. The same furniture maker made the chest of drawers- the little baskets are handy to hide clutter.

The little yellow table in the middle was a bargain for $10 at the Vintage Shed and the only thing small of enough to fit.

The little bench is a Vintage girl find- we had two I nabbed one and painted it. The coat rack above is Ikea I painted it blue.

The Babar print is from the Vintage Shed and the globe money box, batons etc I have collected along the way - the perk of being a Vintage Girl

The quilt you can see close up I made a few years for my eldest son, I have another one the same in the works for the littlest boy- it is coming along very slowly!

One last thing is a little red Sebel chair which clothes are normally piled up on- I grabbed the opportunity today while it was tidy to take some photos, it doesn't stay like that for long..

I love decorating kids rooms, its all a bit of fun.. My husband constantly winds me up about buying a spiderman doona and matching curtains, not that I have a problem with spiderman merchandise- but it ain't going to happen..

Its still wet,cold and windy down here and I am off to the Vintage Shed for the day tomorrow my second last week before I head off to put my feet and wait for the calm before the storm that is a newborn..

Simone xx


  1. Babar is awesome... loved that show as a kid. I love that bench too. Great job with the room Simone ... boyish classic and I wouldnt want Spiderman curtains either! Xo

  2. Those pictures framed and up look amazing. The room is fabulous and you FIGHT the spiderman doona all the way !!!

    1. Thanks Lisa- and dont worry spiderman umdies is as far as we go !!