Thursday, 2 August 2012

Affordable Art..

So this morning started like every other this week- the sick boy is still sick and the other one refused to get his clothes on until 2 minutes before we left for school..

So I took a leaf out of the bad mums handbook and ran out the door to meet my gorgeous friend Emma at the half way point between where we both live and the city- which you wouldn't believe only happens to be Chadstone shopping centre !

We headed straight for Life Instyle trade fair , where I was hoping to find some gorgeous things that would compliment my Vintage finds at my shared stall space in Tyabb and although full of the most beautiful home wares,jewellery & kids stuff I just didn't see anything that I thought would work.. I didn't even manage to take any pictures - I wish I had though all the vendors do such beautiful jobs of setting up their little booths and most of them had worked vintage pieces into their displays..

We then made our way back to chadstone and with time to spare had a little wander.. I headed for two of my favourite stationary stores TYPO & Zeta Florence and picked some great artwork for my boys shared room- these vintage style prints work out at $5 each if you buy them in lots of 6..

Hmm I can't make any pictures bigger now?? Anyway , I will bring them on my next ikea trip and put 3 above each of my sons bed - I think they will look great..

This one above is from Typo- I am not sure what it means it just reminded me of a vintage poster , could possibly be something Olympics related ??

I am off the the Vintage Shed tomorrow , I always work behind the counter on a Friday.. I will try and get some snaps of all the Vintage Goodness going on down there... Simone xxx

P.S check out my x- partner in crime Bec's facebook page for her new business Little Flea Vintage she has some great things listed in  her ebay store..

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  1. I bought Master J a long sleeve tee from cotton on kids last week with the same pic as the Olympic Typo one, love it! Great finds! xx