Monday, 6 August 2012


I know most people say TGI Friday... but last week was such a nightmare I am just glad to be starting the week over- albeit from bed. My lovely boys shared their germs with me and after a week of no sleep, the usual running around, work, I had to give in and I'm spending the day in bed..

One very exciting thing did happen last week- I took delivery of my brand new coffee table for my 'good room' custom made for me by Quenton at Industria x ...I had seen a few coffee table designs that I like but they were either insanely expensive ( like what my mum and dad paid for their first house expensive), not quite right or not accessible to me i.e in America. Then when I was working at the Vintage Shed I saw Quenton coming and had a brainwave- his factory is local and I was pretty sure they dealt with the materials I wanted mine to be made out of.. So 6 weeks later I have it and couldn't be happier..

I still have to play around a little with what to put on it and the rest of the room still needs a lot ..rug,lamp,cushion etc but all in good time. We have been in our house for over 3 years now and we started from scratch in regards to furniture as we moved from Ireland and decided not to bring any large things with us. I would curse this 'good room' and the fact that it has sat with washing drying in it and nothing else but now I feel lucky because my tastes have changed so much since moving in and love this table so much but am pretty sure I wouldn't have chosen it 3 years ago. As they say, all good things come to those who wait- I have waited not so patiently and smile every time I walk past this room now..

I have also been coveting/wanting a Vintage Champagne bucket for sometime now and have a little dilemma- to keep this or to sell it in my little shared stall at the Vintage Shed ? I might just enjoy for a little while and then when a new obsession comes along I can part with it..

That's about all for today, we are all relieved that our little Tadhgy is much better and giving loads of attitude, hopefully I will be doing the same tomorrow .. Simone xx

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  1. OH. MY. GOSH! Am loving your new table! Seriously, you have the best taste. I'm hiring you to do the interior of my future home... haha! Awesome that he's local too!
    Hey, there's one handsome fella, and glad the attitude is back eh! xo