Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Coming soon to the Vintage Shed...

It feels a little like groundhog day around here, my littlest boy is still sick and has chosen to lay all the couch day without clothes and he is in no mood for debate.. if he wants to go naked I sure as hell ain't going to argue with him-although we do have the school run soon and negotiations will have to be entered into.. On a brighter note he has only watched Rio once and is know moved onto 'cloudy with a chance of meatballs' hence I am on the computer reading blogs and avoiding doing housework...

On another family note- we are all very proud of my husband who trained his second city winner today in just over a week ( that camera budget may have just increased) I even managed to negotiate a pause in cloudy with a chance of meatballs to see him interviewed on the racing channel before and after the race..

Today I finally managed to gather up some of my stock for the Vintage Shed....

 Since my trip to America I have developed a real thing for Domes, I have been collecting these which had a former life as a rather gaudy clock and dome.

 I love the colour here and the 120 ladybird flash cards were a great find..

Very hard to hide my 8 month prego belly from the mirror in this one as it usually enters a room before me ! ..I am having a little technical trouble, blogger wont let me enlarge anymore than 1 photo and I would really love to add some side by side, can anyone out there help?

Anyway that's it for today, I am headed for a girls day out to life instyle tomorrow with one of my  best girlfriends - can't wait.. Simone xx


  1. It all looks great! Love the domes- they are beautiful...and the jars are awesome (you know i love colour like that!) Better get my bum in gear and get some stock to compliment this stuff...

  2. Ooops forgot....Congratulations Robbie- Well done!