Tuesday, 31 July 2012


No not the book ! My favourite colour, I have painted lots furniture in grey shades that always turn out a little blueish and I have never come close to the shade below-  in my eyes it the perfect .. and for the record I read the books a couple of months ago, its all a bit fun really-I don't see why people get so uptight about it, if you don't like it don't read it...

via design sponge
We are still feeling sorry for ourselves and headed off to the doctor this afternoon- best customers lately.. So once again no time to clean up some of my Vintage Shed stock to show off- but if I did I am sure the gorgeous demijohns would look a little like this...

I need a little help- I am not happy with the quality of my iphone pics and i need a new camera soon anyway so I can bore everybody with endless snaps of baby number 3.... any reccomedations would be greatly appreciated, budget is fairly moderate but could change after race 3 at mornington tomorrow.. Time to go I would hate to miss out on the kids movie RIO for the third time today... Simone xx

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  1. YUM Simone....That grey IS PEREFCT & I LOVE the demijohn vases....!

    Unfortunately I can't help you with your pic issues....I take ALL my pics with my iPhone jthese days....I'd be LOST without it....!!!

    Hope you're feeling better....!!

    Tamarah :o)