Sunday, 29 July 2012


My very first post in what feels like a new home.. Some people may know me as a Vintage Girl , and I still am at heart, its just that know I am flying solo and scaling things down a little..

Although business is slowing down my life is not, my family- two gorgeous boys and 1 husband are expecting our 3rd baby in October, I work at the fabulous Vintage Shed in Tyabb.. My husband has his own business as a racehorse trainer which is a labour of love and a 7 day a week occupation... 

So when I find some me time  I hope to share here some of my Vintage finds, interiors that inspire me, a little about family life, maybe even a few fashion posts.. there are no rules really are there? I can blog about whatever I like really! Hopefully there might be someone out there who finds my little ramblings of some interest..I love blogs and find them a great source of inspiration, hopefully I can do the same here..

the two little mess makers little men in my life
I will leave with a few snapshots of couple of things that I love...

These two on the right drive me close to insanity pretty much daily.. but they are defiantly the most important things in our life...

A totally different love but a love nevertheless! hydrangeas, especially when you put them in stoneware or enamel- my idea of a perfect match,this shot is from a little Christmas market that Vintage Girl had a stall at last year..

That's about all for today, I have a busy week coming up and can't wait to visit Life Instyle trade fair in the city..

Simone xx 


  1. I'm here Lovey & will HAPPILY follow along....!!!!!

    Cheers for now,
    Tamarah :o)

  2. Hi Simone ! Its taken me all week to work out how to comment ... Pathetic !!!!
    Just wanted to wish you all the best with Bub & Blog (and sick kids )And as a selfconfessed Blog Addict (B.A)i will definitely be following along !!!!!

    1. Thanks Dallas ! Your gorgeous,meeting people like you was one of the best parts of being a Vintage Girl.. hope to see you soon xx