Monday, 4 February 2013



I am back ! I took a little extended bloggy break.. My family and I had a little holiday and it was so nice to get away from the day to day grind- washing ,cleaning,cooking then repeat and all those boring things that must be done..
It was so hot- 42c plus for a few days..we swam a lot..we ate a lot , the kids got to stay up later than usual and so did we..I have to be honest I came back a little more tired than I went away! So now Conor is back at school , Tadhg has made the move to 4yr old kinder and that leaves me with a whole lot more time and time to waste -so here I am !
I have been wanting to share Luella's room for such a long time but I wanted it to be finished and perfect .. I am pretty sure I am done (for now) so here it is..


I started typing the details under each photo but instead I have decided I will do another post and let anybody who may be interested where some things came from .. like the art, furniture and some things I made myself..
I had a lot of fun creating it and still pinch myself every day and feel incredibly lucky that Robbie, the boys and I have Luella in our lives..
Back very soon- promise !
Simone x


  1. OMG- it is simply perfect. What a beautiful room. You are so clever Simone. It really is gorgeous- i will look at it over and over i think to draw inspiration. xx

    1. Thanks Bec for the beautiful words ! I thought I had commented already... it vanished like so many things in my life ! See you soon xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Eve-I had lots of fun doing it.. Hope you are having lots of fun with your little boy- such a special time xx

  3. Lulu's room is absolutely divine! You certainly have found your niche in life Simone; something you absolutely love doing and do so very well. Love Net xxx