Thursday, 21 February 2013

So my little blogging roll turned into more of a short burst.. I have so many things I would like to do and share on this blog, but to be honest most days it feels like I am just keeping my head above water here ..2013 is the year of the drop off/pick up
                                  8.30am Kinder drop off,
                                                           9.00am School drop off  
                                                           2.00pm Kinder pick up
                                                           3.30pm School pick up
 Basket ball training,playdates etc etc blah blah blah- you get the picture I am busy with three kids and sometimes at the end of the day I just need to sit quietly in front of quality T.V such as The real housewives of Beverly Hills/New Jersey/ Miami/ Orange County (they really are quality shows o.k )and psyche myself up to do it all again tomorrow..
Anyway I am here now and in January I took a little road trip to the Fryers town Antiques fair with my old Vintage Girl friend Bec that I have been wanting to share ever since.So here we go better late than never ..
We met up early and headed for Fryerstown but before we hit up the fair we called into Vintage Etc in Castlemaine a beautifully curated and styled Vintage Haven owned by Bec's friends Kaz and Jane who have scoured the country and indeed the world ( they headed state side like myself and Bec)in search of beautiful timeworn pieces
The little gym basket managed to leave the shop with me, I was off to a flyer before we even got the fair ..
If you find yourself in the castlmaine it is so worth a visit- the girls have the most amazing eye for beautful things , you will even find fabulous furniture that Kaz re works and re-finishes from Vintage fittings etc .. They also had a stall at the fair , we took a little pit stop there and Kaz gave me an impromptu furniture staining lesson.. I took notes she is a bit of a guru in my eyes !
Then onto Fryerstown where I picked up some lovely bits and pieces for home- after spending a few years scouring sometimes frantically for items to sell for Vintage Girl it was nice to have a leasurely stroll and rummage around...
The Vintage book print will be fab framed in my boys room
My husband wasn't overly keen on the tortoiseshell but I love it- a keeper for sure
Not really antique - rather winged its way over from Bali with another couple of hundred the same, however I cannot resist a rustic bowl and love it anyway..
I have serious hankering for a huge Willow Platter and regret not getting one of these- I have a vision of Sunday roast with all the trimmings on one of these big platters....laid out on a crisp white tablecloth , surrounded by my impeccably behaved children eating their brussel sprouts, husband toasting my fabulous cooking................... Hmmm probably best I didn't get one the reality would be hugely different ( crazy kids, burnt food etc !)
All in all I had a really lovely day, Bec and I caught up on some much needed gossip & scandal girl talk and I came home tired , happy and rather chuffed with all my purchases..
So here we are back to Thursday again- tomorrow I head off the the Vintage Shed for work and a busy weekend ahead as my brother in law has arrived from Ireland this evening for a spur of the moment 10 day holiday with us..
Simone x


  1. It wa a lovely day and catch up- I would say lets do it again soon, but my days sounds sadly much like holiday catch up maybe with all th boys (and girl)?

  2. Sure was.. School holidays sounds good x