Sunday, 10 February 2013

Three posts in a week- I really am on a roll here.. Part of the reason being that I have just this week signed up for  apple i-cloud and no longer have to plug my phone in and go through the really tedious process of uploading photos which most of the time seems a lot a chore .. now magically my photos head up that lovely cloud and it then sends them onto to my computer- perfect for lazy impatient people like me speedy blog posts..
Today we had a really lovely day out with friends at the Werribee zoo.. the weather was great, the kids were pretty well behaved, Lulu slept the day away .. My only problem - the only thing between myself and the hippos? Some electric wire, a post and rail fence and some deep water- surely not enough of a deterrent for one of the worlds deadliest animals to come on over and eat me? Anyway I am here to tell the tale so I guess the zoo do really know their stuff, still not convinced though...
We also got up rather close and personal with a Lion..



 We all left happy and tired and all little people are snoozing the night away and I am feeling like today I was a reasonably good parent..
Next week I am hoping to keep up this blogging frenzy , i have lots to share..
Some good things happening for our little family..
         Some new blog discoveries I have made..
        Some changes I have be making to my lifestyle and  a
        challenge I have set for myself..
        Perhaps a little blog makeover..
Who knows what else ?..this little blog world here is my oyster!
Simone xx
P.S Does anybody else find it odd that every time you do a spell check with blogger to check your imminent blog post that it always pulls up the word 'blog' and 'blogger' as a spelling error ?? Surely somebody needs to fix that ?? 


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