Tuesday, 12 February 2013

New Blog Love..

 I made two new Blog discoveries this week ( they just happen to be sister) one of which I have taken some lifestyle tips from - more about that later..
The first is called Sunny and Scout written by a Mother of two Lou( soon to be 3) who actually lives not far from where I do.. I Love all the images on her blog- no surprises that she take photos for a living..I highly recommend it and have added it to my favourites ..
sunny+scoutclick here to check it out...
I think great blogs are like good books- hard to put down.. so as I was reading through Sunny and Scout  I clicked away at another blog that just happens to be written by Lous sister..
 you | me | naturallyYou can click here to check out .. This blog discovery couldn't have come at a better time for me- I am trying really hard to make some positive changes health wise for my family and I and there are some great tips for healthy / clean living...I am even considering giving up shampoo and conditioner for Bi-carb and Apple Cider ! I have already embraced Coconut oil as a moisturiser which so far has been amazing - considering I have always and still am plagued by rather pimply prone skin, therefore shied away from oily products..
Not only am I trying to make some better choices in terms of diet- wait for it -I have embraced fitness and have started the ball rolling on something I am really hoping I can follow through with- A mini marathon , EEKK yes that's right 8 km of jogging .. I have started training already and so far I have no idea how the hell I am going to do it and what the hell i was thinking   feel absoloutley I can do it and the shiny new runners I bought today will surely help !
If any of you would like to join in - The Vintage Shed are putting are putting a team together and hopefully we can raise some money for Breast Cancer Research along the way..
Must go- training to do !
Simone xx

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  1. a mini marathon!!! You are AWESOME Simone!! Hey you've got all the cool gear so you'll be fab in no time. Well done, thanks for the blog links, I'll check them out xo