Monday, 13 August 2012

A little Nosey around

I did a little D.I.Y with some magnetic and chalk paint at the weekend and had planned to share some photos of my cleverness- however I had a little incident with a bottle of water and my i-phone so there were no pictures from me today..

So I thought I would share a house that I came across during some blog reading I did on the weekend- I can't resist a little nosey around other peoples homes.. Especially when it belongs to one of my favourite actresses Reese Witherspoon and recently featured in Elle decor.. To me it ticks all the boxes for a country retreat and right now I would happily spend a few lazy days there.. Reese are you reading ??

My i-phone is resting in a bowl of rice ?? Apparently it absorbs all the water... hopefully it will do the trick and will be back with some shots tomorrow..

One last big shout out to my Husband who trained not 1 but 2 winners on the weekend- he and his little team are doing us all proud..

Simone xx


  1. Dear Simone
    This house is amazing and was sold to Reese Witherspoon by the AMAZING interior designer Kathryn Ireland. If you kove the house you must read her book Creating a Home which is the chronicle of her purchase and restoration of the would LOVE the book. She sold it to Reese Witherspoon a fact I heard from 'the horses mouth' when I was lucky enough to meet her at Candlewick Interiors in Camberwell when she was promoting her fabrics and books in Aus a couple of years ago. The house is amazing and the book is a MUST read. Enjoy Lisa xxxx

    1. Thanks Lisa, thats really interesting to know- I love Kathryn Ireland on Million Dollar Decorators( foxtel) It must been have been really exctiting to meet her , I imagine from the TV show she is really down to earth.. I am heading straight off to the book depositary to check out her book.. Look forward to seeing you hopefully soon, Simone p.s hope the camberwell art show went well- sounded amazing xx