Thursday, 23 August 2012


I am slowly making my way through my to do list for the house.. slowly being the key word !

On my travels the other day I dropped into Ikea, some love it some hate it... I personally find it fantastic for frames , basic stuff who can argue with the prices there $2.99 for a frame..

First up I picked up some frames for these Zeta Florence print for the boys room..

I didn't really need one of these $2 bags but I am sucker for a geometric print and couldn't walk past...

My main reason for heading there was to pick up some Billy bookcase's for our front room that I am trying to get finished ( after sitting empty for 3 years) In an ideal world I would love to have custom made book cases for this wall, but as we all know its not an ideal world - well not when it comes to the $3000ish dollars I would have to come up with to do this.. So my very unwilling husband lugged 6 Billy bookcase into the car. I was going to just put them up and attach to the wall and then after a little pintrest and blog reading last night my plans have changed to this..

I found this ikea hack on this blog here, and now plan to enlist the help of a carpenter to add moulding at the top and bottom and at the joins- I think it looks amazing and for about a third of the price..

My last bargain find is from Target- I have always fancied a little bit of coral for under a dome, bookcase etc.. But priced at $100 + it just never happened, this little faux version below is $25.00 and will be heading to my home very soon..

So instead of getting smaller my to do list just got bigger, find carpenter, hang the prints, I also got a few other frames that I intend to have a go at some artwork for baby's room and our hallway.

I am off for my usual Friday stint at the Vintage Shed tomorrow- I have collected a few more little things for the stall, back tomorrow with a preview..

Simone xx

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  1. Great idea with the bookcase. About to put Billy book cases in our spare room which is now going to be a study/sitting room- you are inspiring me with your ideas! Will catch up with you in the morning at The Shed. xx