Thursday, 16 August 2012


It's been a long pretty horrible couple of weeks and my body feels like it might break at any  moment.. I am so grateful to be having a third baby- but it is hard work.. I just walk around all day in a daze saying ' how do women do this 6,7 8 and even more times' and I really don't know- they deserve a medal that is for sure..

Anyway I decided to cheer myself up with a bit of online window shopping..




I don't think its too much? No ? If Robbie was reading and I was being really greedy I would ask him to throw in a bunch of these.....

Back to the Vintage Shed tomorrow for and they are saying its going to be a horror day weather ways, I had better set the alarm early to add a few more layers - although I am not sure I will make it out the door..

Simone xx

Promise promise I will credit all the sources for these images tomorrow when my brain is not so fuzzy........

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