Tuesday, 2 October 2012


My two boys have gone for a little holiday to my parents house for a few days.. I miss them of course but the peace and quiet is so nice, I may just be enjoying it a little too much!
So on the weekend we finally got our bookcases attached to the wall and the mouldings put on, I am so happy with the result.. When I say we- I really should say that a cabinetmaker did it for us- my husband , bless him good at a lot of things DIY not one of them..
I nearly gave up on them at one point, while trying to track down crown moulding for the top ( I assumed you could get it at Bunnings ) I came across so many unwilling to help me a**holes- just downright rude and not interested. Anyway eventually I found a great cabinet maker locally who also solved my crown moulding problem-skirting board instead..
Anyway I still have lots of gaps to fill in the shelf- we have gone from having nowhere to display things to me going around the house stealing from other spots..
This is the first room you come to when you walk into our house and for 3 years there has been a train table and drying racks full of clothes- this makes a nice change.. All I have to do is find the perfect rug and its done... and keep an eye my husband, he is scheming to put up a flat screen up in there..
I am off to enjoy the peace while it lasts.. the two little whirlwinds arrive back home tomorrow !
Simone xx


  1. OMG.....Looks amazing.....you are like me in that if I see some 'designer' outrageous interior treatment I LOVE the challenge of creating it on my budget.....You go Girl...Looks Stunning !!!! Love Lisa xxx

    1. Aww thanks Lisa !! I do love a challenge just like you .. I had a little wander at G.Waverley the other day- your stall looks Fab as usual, I could have had one of everything.. Hope you are well, Simone xx

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  3. Hi Simone,
    You've not only inspired me with your last post....but this one too! that built in bookcase looks stunning! From your last post I've been madly trying to source the woven rug you had featured and cant believe you've found it at Spotlight! for a 1/3 of the price. And I can't believe the the ceramic stools at the Reject shop...unfortunately I haven't located a white one just yet!
    Your styling on your coffee table is also divine!
    Enjoy your mini rest and decorate to your hearts content!
    Thankyou for sharing.
    x Eve

    1. Hi Eve ! Thanks for your lovely comment , it always nice to know that there are people out there reading .. I hope you are enjoying your maternity leave... I loved your blog and online store- how did I not know about this already! I will keep my eyes out and let you know if I come across a white stool at my local reject shop..

      Take care, enjoy your rest..

      Simone x