Sunday, 30 September 2012


Yes I am still here waiting and that patiently bit is wearing thin now !
How I didn't go into labour after the epic days shopping I had with my mum on Friday I don't know.. What was initially a quick run to ikea to pick up one or two things ended up being a round trip to Ikea & all the other shops in the centre, followed by spotlight, shopping centre for a trip to K-mart and a few other essential shops..( don't even try and tell me Country road is not essential ) then we rounded off at local homemaker centre for Baby bunting and Adairs for my mum .. Phewww
So amongst all of that I was doing some hunting for a floor rug for my 'good' room and the babies room. I have been looking for a while now and feeling rather frustrated , because quite frankly most rugs that are in my budget are horrible..I have even considered ordering one from America- in which case the postage would be more than the actual item..
I guess this is partly because I am heavily influenced by trends in America due to my rather obsessive blog reading.. So Chevron has been on my radar for about 2 years now and same for Ikat. These are now filtering down to the ' high street' or in fact they are here..but by the time they hit Target etc I have lost a little interest and moving onto the next unattainable for 2 years trend..
Having said that I think there are a few surprising places that are really keeping up there with fresh trends and one place that keeps surprising is spotlight.. the other day I spotted this rug there..

Now this is not what I am looking for but I have seen this rug in numerous magazine shoots, and I also came across it in a children's room online the other day and it retails around $600..
Then I spotted these Ikat rugs- pity they are only small  door mat size
At $12 each on sale- I guess I could buy a few and stitch them together !
While at the Ikea springvale centre I also found some really nice middle of the budget range rugs in a furniture store( cant remember the name for the life of me) They averaged around $500 which I don't think is too bad ( my mum not so much! )
Jute - Firmus (bleached)
The last one is something a little different- and the picture is a bit skewed and makes it look a little ugly but in the flesh I loved it and am feeling a little hesitant to splash on the chevron in case I get sick of it..
Another shop I think is always worth a little wander is the reject shop..
 these ceramic stools have been around the magazine and blog world for a long time and the reject shop currently have them in three colours for $40 , there are some online stores selling them for $200 plus. I have never really coveted one but for $40 I may not be able to resist!
One last little bargain I came across on Friday - I spotted these knitted pouffes/ottomans in a babies room on pinterest and after a little search realised that I would either have to knit one- not going to happen or pay around $200 from Etsy + shipping.. Again spotlight saved the day with this handsome looking pouffe !
$40 on sale already filled - bargain!
Speaking of babies rooms, I have been gathering little bits and pieces and nearly have the room exactly as I wanted it- I cant wait to share, we got a fancy schmancy new camera today so I will hopefully very soon..
Phew feels like a epic post tonight, I guess what I am trying to say is don't rule anywhere out when looking for something you have spotted online or in a magazine- don't like me sook about the fact that they wont post to Australia or it cost insane amounts, get out there and look and if that fails - make it- has anybody seen a few of the painted rug tutorials online that a few people have posted- grab a cheap ikea rug, make a stencil and paint your chevron stripes on or whatever it may be..
Time to put the little men in the house to bed- they are off to my mums for a little mini holiday tomorrow, I am thinking a pedicure and a bit of relaxation are in order..
Simone xx

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  1. I'm surprised you didn't go into labor with that epic shopping day too! xx