Wednesday, 5 September 2012


We had a glimpse of spring yesterday here in Melbourne  22C and sunny.It was sooo nice after a long cold winter we are certainly well overdue for some sun.

All this sun had me craving some colour by the way of flowers in my home- I generally go for neutral tones for most parts of my home - linen and grey are pretty much all the way throughout . At the moment though I am seriously taken with pink & teal ( aqua even) combined together..

Blue masons jars are the perfect match with pink flowers, If you can't get your hands on these I came across this DIY version on the fab Happy Home blog  to turn any old glass jar you might have around the house into the perfect shade of blue- so clever and a blog jam packed with great DIY ideas..
Spring preview is over, its blowing a gale outside and the heat is pumping, I am off to clean out another draw/ room / cupboard at the rate I am going with this nesting thing we will have nothing left in our house !
Simone XX


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