Friday, 21 September 2012


I have officially finished work at the Vintage Shed to rest up before baby, but before I put my feet up I took the opportunity of no kids at home today to go down and have a little tidy and re- vamp of myself and Bec's ( former partner in crime) shared space...
We still have some great Brimfield stock left and then each of us has our own collections, so the space is still jam packed with some great things...
It was a long day and I don't think my husband will ever dare step into the Vintage Shed again for fear of being asked to move large pieces of furniture 5 times!
You can only imagine my excitement when I got home exhausted and the boys reminded that we had tickets booked for Madagascar 3 ..Although if you have to sit through a kids movie this one is pretty good - what I saw of it anyway, I took a power nap, I just can't seem to stay awake in the Cinema anymore !
School holidays for us, time for some r & r with my two little men before we become a family of 5..
Have a great weekend
Simone xx

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