Monday, 4 March 2013


Do you impulse shop ? Those who know me well can vouch for the fact that I buy now and think about it later.. That is how this little chippy mini glasshouse came to be residing here in our house..
Its not that I dont like it- just that in hindsight it is a little bit on the shabby chic side of things for me...For now its a keeper, it may very well fit into our possible new home which is on the shabby end of the scale but not so chic (yet.)
We have  had a busy 10 days with  my brother in-law from visiting from Ireland.. the highlights have been-
 A local music festival that we took all the troops along too (its probably more of a concert but 'festival sounds like we are wayyyy cooler than we really are)
Picnics in the park with cricket, boche and beer...
A trip to the city which involved the aquarium, games arcade, bowling and fast food
A very proud day for Robbie training a winner with his brother there to witness it..
We are going to miss having Uncle Pete here who is flying home as I type..
This week will be busy with the not so fun but neccessary things that need to get done like cooking, cleaning and a little de-clutter perhaps- not sure yet if the impulse glass house will make the cut..
Simone xx


  1. Hey love, if the glass house gets the flick I'll buy it off you. :)
    Hi to the family... we'll see ya back at kinder next week! xo

    1. No worries- I will have your name on it if it gets the chop ! Hope you are enjoying your holiday xx