Sunday, 15 September 2013

Little Scout

I nearly forgot how to do it when I went to write this post... I haven' abandoned this little blog altogether.. being honest nothing has inspired me enough to put it on here, that and the fact that I have started my own little business...
Yep that's right-a teeny tiny little one woman business... Instead of vintage wares I am now peddling baby Moccasins.. Well one woman and one baby business- Lulu is my number 1 ( & only ) shoe model.. That kid is going to wonder one day why all of her baby pictures are of her feet!
Its early days but so far I am getting some great feedback and orders are starting to roll in.. It is the perfect business for me right now, and the fact that I am slightly obsessed with fashion for the little people helps - I know it doesn't really matter what they wear as they grow out of/ wreck things extremely quickly, but anyone who knows me will tell you I have always loved mini fashion and now that I have a daughter it has only gotten more out of control.. So for me it really is the perfect little business..
So what do I do you might wonder?
 * hunt down and select the leather from various different places
                               * cut out 5 individual pattern pieces per shoe by hand
                 * then hand them off to a local seamstress who puts them together for me
                               * pick them back up, do all the fringing and elasticate the heels
                               * put them on my little business partner/ co-worker, convince her to sit still while
                                photograph the merchandise, post on facebook and instagram and hope like hell
                                that somebody likes them enough to pay money for them!
Photo: New favourite - shimmery silver .. 3-6 months are available now and 6-12 months in a week ..
My favourites so far...

Photo: Getting a 10 month old to sit still & smile while you photograph her feet was not an easy task !



The cutest little co- worker.
So that's it really.. our little house is coming along nicely - in fact so nicely that my co-worker above had her room photographed just last week for a baby magazine. The boys are insane good- making us laugh, making us cry.. keeping us busy..
Back again soon ..
Simone x
Oh and if you wandered over here and fancy a little more of a look at my little Moccs you can check us out on facebook..

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