Friday, 28 December 2012

We wait for it for so long, count down the days , shop till we drop, wrap, cook, eat, celebrate and then the actual day is over in a flash..
This is how my Christmas went..
The annual Christmas eve photo on your Santa sack
We played host to my family and I tried to keep it simple this year, the crackers I made, the cutlery is mismatched vintage, I have finally ( sort of) mastered the Martha Stewart tissue pom pom,hydrangeas in the table centre , a sprig of rosemary on each plate- which amused my husband, are we suppose to smoke it when we have finished our meal he announced ?
My Christmas haul- earrings from my mum , more books to add to the collection..
It was quiet , it was perfect and Conor was totally right when he assured Tadhg that even if you are on the naughty list Santa still comes-he should know because that kid is not looking like coming off that particular list for a very long time and he still unwrapped plenty ..
Lastly a photo of my gorgeous girl for no other reason than its my blog and  I reserve the right to bore you all with random pictures of my offspring!
Simone xx

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