Thursday, 11 April 2013


A few years ago I was looking for some bedside tables and as is normally the case ,anything that I liked was ridiculously insanely out of my my price range ( story of my life really..) And then by the magic of pintrest I found exactly what I wanted and after a few clicks I discovered West Elm and although sadly the cost of international shipping separated myself and my dream tables my love affair with West Elm began....
Where it all began... The thing I love about all of their furniture is they are classic ,a little bit masculine, designed to stand the test of time and I think blend beautifully with Vintage pieces..
You can imagine my excitement when I heard they were arriving in Australia this year !! The moment I heard they were opening in Sydney I started calculating frequent flyer points, hatching a plan to head up to Sydney for a sneak peak the interior gods once again shone down with the news that although still a little while away West Elm would be taking up residence in Melbourne ..  I have heard whispers of the Jam Factory Chapel Street, the Sydney store opens early next month so I am sure it wont be long till all is revealed.. Oh  and they are also bringing along their brother/sister companies Pottery Barn, Pottery Barn Kids & Williams Sonoma - its definitely going to be a 'con someone into minding your three kids and run' day trip..
Another little interesting fact the Vice President of West Elm is an Aussie and she has stated that unlike some international brands ( yes I am looking at you Gap, Zara, Topshop) they will try to keep their Australia prices on par with their American prices and will also offer online shopping- you can read the full interview over with Vanessa Holden over here at the always fabulous Interiors Addict blog..
Oh I do love a wire basket..
I will absolutely head to the Melbourne store as soon as it opens but for the foreseeable future it looks like for me it will be window shopping only -you see as of today our house is officially 'under contract' ! Yep that's right we are about to move to a much smaller house with a much larger mortgage, fun time ahead ..
Simone xx
P.S If you were crossing off a list there wouldnt be too many left on it-
H&M - yes please
ANTHROPOLGIE-dream come true ..please ? prepared to beg if needs be 
Any others you can think of that I have left off?

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